Cook Homes: Crafting Communities


From building communities to spreading philanthropy throughout Waterloo Region, Cook Homes has extended their generosity to Community Support Connections –Meals on Wheels and More and will be joining us as the Dinner Sponsor of the 12th annual Drive to Deliver/ Golf Social Tournament 2016.

Ian Cook has a legacy of providing distinct professionalism, creative mastery and 31 years of skill and experience to building family dream homes and developing master planned communities. Cook Homes does far more than building four walls and a roof; they meticulously craft residences that become settings for cherished lifelong memories.

At CSC, we know that a supportive community is essential to helping people stay healthy and thriving in their own homes.  We believe a home is more than just a place to live, it’s a place of comfort and security. Cook Homes believes in this mentality as well, and has demonstrated this by supporting our golf tournament. Thank you Cook Homes for making a big difference in the lives of our clients.

So when you are enjoying your (well deserved) gorgeous dinner, be sure to tip your hat to Cook Homes for bringing your friends, family and maybe some new faces closer together that fine evening.



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