GWS Water Store & Supply Pours Out Their Support

GWS Car Delivery

Locally owned and family operated, GWS Water Store and Supply has been quenching the thirst of its customers since 1988. From spring water, 100% steam distilled water, to reverse osmosis water, and offering home, office and industrial delivery, they cater to a variety of water needs across Waterloo Region. GSW uses well water for processing which means there is no chlorine for processing, their water is tested daily, and their bottles are reused and recycled which demonstrates their care for the environment – but it doesn’t end there. GWS cares for their local community as well!  Thank you so much for joining the Drive to Deliver/Golf Social Tournament in support of Meals on Wheels as a Networking Sponsor!

GWS Water Store and Supply has been a longtime supporter of Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More and we couldn’t be more excited to have them back on the course this May 17th. Located at 183 Frobisher Drive in Waterloo, consider stopping by to see their bottling plant and full service retail location first hand. Thank you GWS Water Store & Supply for your ongoing support of local seniors and adults with disabilities enabling them to live at home with independence and dignity.


GWS Water Store and Supply Website

GWS Water Store and Supply Facebook



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