Local Heritage and Wholesome Values: Introducing Piller’s Fine Foods


We at Community Support Connections- Meals on Wheels and More (CSC) truly believe that what feeds your body also nourishes your soul.

With this guiding us, we are proud to announce Piller’s Fine Foods as our Official Lunch Sponsor of our newly merged Drive to Deliver and Golf Social event, with their story spanning past to present in Waterloo, Ontario since 1957.

The Piller’s brand is a mastery of balance. By paying high respect to their roots, but also keeping an eye upon the horizon for changing consumer demand, they inspire us with their tradition of good people, hard work and feeding communities into the future.

From modest beginnings, Piller’s has stuck rigorously to their tradition of using the same natural and wholesome methods to prepare their delicious quality deli products. Get excited for their savory meats and sumptuous sides being served on May 17th. With Piller’s and CSC both (totally) obsessed with providing food of high standards, we are thrilled to have them as our Official Lunch Sponsor. Get ready to dig in!

Looking for more information on Piller’s Fine Foods, click here for their website, for their story, delicious recipes and more.

Piller’s Fine Foods on Facebook

Twitter @Pillers1957



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