Preoccupation With Your Occupation





It’s a question we were all asked as a kid and the answer was usually on the tip of your tongue. It was a time when we dreamed big and our passions began to brew. Whether you wanted to be an astronaut, farmer, or magician, it didn’t matter what salary was attached to it or whether it was even possible. Because as a kid, anything was possible. And this is the message we want to keep alive with Preoccupation With Your Occupation.

Preoccupation With Your Occupation is a challenge for Golf Socialites everywhere to let your childhood dream live on just one more time by dressing up as the person you thought you’d be when you were five. Or maybe it’s the person you thought you’d be five years ago. Regardless of time, it’s time to dream a little dream and dress as your best self.

Who will you be on August 20th? Have fun folks and see you soon!


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