Black and Yellow on the Greens

Honeypot MarketingLast year the Honeypot Marketing team got a taste of the excitement that comes from a collision of spunky golfers and social media challenges.

Like bees to honey, they’re ready to swarm the tournament again this year- but this time as a sponsor. That’s not to say they won’t bring their A-game (or should we say Bee game?) to the greens again this round.

Their plan to win? The same as their killer digital marketing moves- “Analyze, Optimize, Execute, Convert. You’ll all be cheering Honeypot by the end!”

We love the confidence of this community-involved marketing agency located in our very own Waterloo. Their expertise in social media, analytics, and conversion tactics definitely make them the ‘Queen Bee’ to beat during the challenges- and I guess they aren’t too bad at golf either.

Keep an eye out for their Black and Yellow on the Greens in 2014! One sting will make you a Honeypot believer.






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