What Strategy will Eyelight go for at this year’s Golf Social?

Final-Eyelight-Logo-Wordmark-4C-stackedAmong many of Eyelight’s services, ranging from advertising campaigns to brand
development, strategic planning is one of their areas of expertise.

Eyelight believes that strategy is the foundation of any successful initiative as it identifies challenges and opportunities…and we can’t wait to see what “challenge” they bring to the course this year!

Eyelight is a full-service marketing agency that provides dynamic creative solutions for companies in Waterloo Region and beyond. Their extensive experience allows them to develop and execute all types of initiatives from strategic planning to campaigns and single projects, while their size enables them to provide detailed, personalized service throughout every stage of a project.

Eyelight is very involved in the community and we are so grateful to have their support at Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More. This will be their second year in row sponsoring Tacofest, and they have been with Golf Social, formerly known as Twitterment, since its inception – their fourth year and counting!
Thank you for your ongoing support, Eyelight!

Website: http://www.eyelight.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eyelightinc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EyelightMarketing


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