Centre of Gravity Golf contributes more than $4,000 in prizes!

image descriptionIt’s human nature to seek out silver-bullet solutions to difficult problems. We’ve always been told that the game of golf is hard, and therefore there is always a market for the latest gadgets, and an endless appetite for quick tips and techniques. But mastering golf is not hard at all, it’s extremely simple once you understand the basics of motion and swing sequencing. Stepping onto the golf course with knowledge and understanding of what works, and how to apply that knowledge leads to incredible confidence and satisfaction.

Class A Golf Professional Rob Bernard is the Creator of the Center of Gravity Golf System and has traveled to over 38 countries reaching over 100,000 golfers.

Center of Gravity Golf System is donating a $4,000 in training clinic for ten some lucky Twitterment attendees will walk away with.  Plan ahead to pool your resources with friends to bid on the package, or purchase as a team building activity or for entertaining clients. Register now for your chance to improve your skills at http://wrtwitterment.eventbrite.ca/.

Website: http://centerofgravitygolf.com/

Twitter: @cogolfca


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